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  1. Changes of Hackintosh High Sierra Zone

    I donated, hope it helps
  2. Changes of Hackintosh High Sierra Zone

    Any updates on HS Niresh?
  3. Changes of Hackintosh High Sierra Zone

    This is super exciting! Can't wait! I have installed your Sierra with great success on a couple machines. I would like to donate but it takes me to a PayPal in Mexico, is the link ok to donate to? Thanks for all your hard work Niresh!! you ROCK Martin
  4. I installed the latest Yosemite HZ which includes voodoo sound, but there was just some white noise from the speakers. Then I deleted voodoo and installed the Apple kext for alc892 from Multibeast. Still no output device. Under sys info, extensions it shows HDAEnabler1 as not loaded. Is there a way to fix this?