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  1. Airport Is not visible in system prefrences

    oh anyway thanks for helping me coz it may not be supported thanks a lot for helping me God bless you deepak bhai and niresh bro and niresh team you can close topic bro
  2. Airport Is not visible in system prefrences

    no it still don't show airport icon and still wifi is disabled. please tell me what do i type in dev id here is dev id and vendor id of my BCM4313 i copied f4rom my PCI list :- Vendor id :- 14E4 Device :- 4727 i try to edit in contents > info.plist but didnt know what string do i edit please tell me what string i paste there. I also found kext files in plugin folder there do i have to do the same procedure in those files too ? thanks
  3. Airport Is not visible in system prefrences

    one more thing in information laptop says there is no PCI cards on your computer . what does it mean bro is it mean i wont be able to connect to wifi ?
  4. Airport Is not visible in system prefrences

    here it is which i was using when i was using windows :- Dell Wireless 1702 802.11 b/g/n Please help me
  5. i am sorry if i double posted it but i didn't find my solution so i am posting it. Here is my problem :- when i go to system preferences > networks i only see ethernet and bluetooth options wifi is disabled radio button and in bar above i don't see any airport on or off. i tried many fixes but none of them worked. i tried slytherin 1.3 it also gives error installation failed please help me what i am supposed to do ? everything is working fine except this and i am using niresh 10.9 please help me . i shall be thankful