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  1. Maverick won't boot from USB.

    I have my Lenovo G580 currently dualbooting Windows 7 and linux, with Grub acting as default bootloader.. and loading windows bootloaders on sda1 & sda2 in turn.. I'm relatively computer inexperienced beyond the GUI surface.. so don't know exactly I got there though I installed that myself.. :-P :- Now.. I'm trying to install Maverics and install it in the partition previously occupied by linux while leaving windows intact. I planned to format the linux and the linux swap partitions, and merge them to HFS+ for it, install OSX and then use clover or chimera to boot both OSX and Win7. I downloaded the Niresh Mavericks distro, and wrote to USB with USBIT. (win32diskimager refused to work saying the dmg was read only :-). However, when I try to boot from the USB, grub boots up everytime though I select USB HDD in the f12 multiboot menu :-( and the distro installer doesn't even try loading. Do you have any idea how I can solve this? Specs : i5 3210M @2.5G HD4000 Intel 7 series/C216 chipset AR9825/AR8162 Single 500gb hdd, partitioned as 100mb system reserved, 99GB Windows, 316GB data partition, 43GB Linux, 5GB Linux swap. I have AHCI and UEFI enabled in BIOS.. the HDD has MBR, I think. Thanks for all the help and please let me know if you need any info!