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  1. Hi, so yesterday i discovered "hackintosh" and all the pros and cons it comes with it... and since i'm growing tired of Windows 8, i think i might give it a try. The problem is, i have been doing my research on hackintosh (how to install it, for what it is compatible, etc,), and i found that the Asus N56VJ (which is my laptop), has some problems with the OS.. some of which are: no wi-fi, no camera, no audio and i cant use my graphics card (Nvidia 635m), plus some issues with limited functionallities or something like that... but since most of the forums that i've encountered those problems are from mid 2012 or very early 2013.. i've like to know if those issues still exist and if ill be able to use my computer's full capacity when i install hackintosh (when it comes to audio, graphics, connectivity). thanks a lot for the help!!