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  1. Hello Im having a problem I managed to install the kext for my amd r9 270 I can see full 1080p but cant get Audio I installed in multibeast the voodooHDA but it only supports the v0.2.1 because everything else gets a kernel crash my soundcard is a Realtek ALC887 . I hear crackling noises in my hedphone jack of my pc when i hear music and such it only detects my inboard soundcard but not the hdmi output and I can't acess the VoodooHDA settings in System preferences it says error can't map memory if anyone has a good kext for this please help. system specs: MSI A78M-E35 wich has a Realtek alc887 (It doesn't detect it with the Realtek ALCxxx in multibeast with or without DSDT) AMD a10 6800k
  2. Hello I have a AMD Sapphire R9 260 (None X version) I got it up with a sony 42 inch led tv and Im looking for the kext for it since the display is all laggy, and theres no sound output of the hdmi plugged in but the headphone jacks work in my built but sounds chipped and white noise and such I haven't used the MultiBeast yet this is my built: Amd a10 6800 4.1 GHZ 8GB Ram HDD WDB 1TB Thanks for helping me.