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  1. Stuck at selecting language

    Hi guys, Thanks to Niresh who helped me get Mavericks on my PC a while back I now have Early 2009 Macbook and iPhone 5c. Anyways I would love to start developing in Swift and use iCloud so I wanted to update to Yosemite First I got stuck at PCI configuration begin, fixed that and then some bluetooth error, fixed that by disabling virtualization in BIOS Now installer loads but graphics are fucked up and when I click the next arrow nothing happens I am booting the installer with /amdfx -v npci=0x3000 Here is what I see now: https://s3.amazonaws.com/f.cl.ly/items/3c050A2i1x1k0C2d2y3D/IMG_0078.JPG Here is what I see with virtualization enabled: https://s3.amazonaws.com/f.cl.ly/items/2S3v1L2w3x23323w2S0I/IMG_0077.JPG Anybody can help? Thanks in advance guys
  2. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    @ will get it tomorrow. Also could you recommend me which options to use for installation? Another thing is dual booting. I got one SSD with C and system reserved partition one HDD with data and one empty HDD for Mac. When I tried to install Mac widows would stay stuck at bootlader unless I switched from AHCI and changed boot priority of course. I was wondering if I could just turn on/off AHCI and change bootloader based on which OS I´d like to boot or if I should just edit bootloader after I install Mawerics.
  3. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    @ Didn´t help. My keyboard ios PS/2. I know there is a fix for that in the installation process but some people do not reccomend it. I am thinking about buying PS/2 to USB adapter or new USB keyboard. What would you recommend?
  4. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    So, here is what happened: I was able to boot from my flash drive, used amdfx -v to load installer, but I have 2 problems 1. My keyboard is not working (should I get new one or use PS/2 to USB adapter?) It is PS/2 so there probably is not any software solution 2. I got SSD drive, can I install Mawerics on it? Thanx for your help
  5. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    @ I was not able to boot the USB itself so using one tutorial I found here I made one usb with boatloader, second one with diskimager and booted it up that way. If you could point me in a way to get it booting with Chameleon I will be glad to try EDIT: by formatting with Disk Manager I was able to start writing the .dmg (instead of the ISO) on USB, will let you know how did that go once I try to boot it up.
  6. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    @ 10.9 ISO version that I put on my USB with Win32DiskImager I also uploaded AIDA64 output here : http://webprolidi.com/Report.htm#summary so you can look at the hardware I got
  7. Gigabyte MB problem- wont boot

    Hi guys, this is my first post here. After trying for about 3 hours I was finally able to wrrite maverick iso on my usb (tried with dmg first but no luck). Anyway right after it starts booting I got this error: Looks like my MB which is Gigabyte 970A-DS3 is not working out of the box. I will probably need to modify the install somehow? Hope somebody can help. By the way I got FX8120 (I know AMD ) Thanx for your help