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  1. Can only boot up with USB and -x

    sorry what thread? Update: Hi Deepak, i have tried running it on just the 4000HD and i get the same issue, ran in verbose and exact same results. i also tried doing a clean install on another spare hd i had and also had the same issue. I'm beginning to think it's something to do with either the cpu or the Audio driver of some sort :/
  2. Can only boot up with USB and -x

    Hi Deepak thanks for the quick response, i tried the PCIroot with the GE but no change and it still hangs at the apple logo bootup but i tried KernelCache and this time the sound glitch is gone which i see as a good thing, but it still hangs at the loading, ran it in verbose and i get the same result as i do normally when the sound glitches. should i maybe be looking at the settings in the uefi bios for the cpu since it says that "this is an unknown CPU model" I found that maybe my uefi bios isn't updated and tried to flash it to 1.9 from 1.6 using PMPATCH in my windows and it says that the update is successful but when i go back to check the bios version still remains at 1.6
  3. Can only boot up with USB and -x

    Hi there, am trying to set up my first Hackintosh on a custom build So I've just installed Mavericks on a seperate HD as my windows, but could not boot up normally. Tried using the flags -x GraphicsEnabler=NO and it works so i run multibeast and install the kexts accordingly to my specs and i reboot. But i still cannot boot up unless i do so from Usb and use -x as a bootflag. So here is a picture of what happens when i run in -v, any ideas / solutions to this issue? When i boot up normally, i can access the chameleon bootloader and choose mavericks and the apple logo comes up with a loading spin below but after awhile a weird noise suddenly plays like high pitched frequencies then hangs. Specifications: Asus Z77 Pro3 Intel i7 3770 @3.4 8GB x 2 Gskill 1333Mhz Geforce GTX 660 Intel HD4000