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  1. Is it possible to…(Graphics Problem)

    Hello everyone, Couple days ago i finally got my hackintosh fully working. I can boot it without any kernel flags. But i have 3 problems now. My specs: Intel Core i5 3450 Ivybridge with HD2500 onboard graphics. AMD Radeon HD7870 ASRock b75 pro-3 m 8 GB 1600 MHz RAM LG DVD-RW GH24NS95 Custom DSDT and Patched BIOS First: I must boot my hackintosh with bootloader from pendrive (niresh distro) because of boot0af error. How can i fix it?(Clover EFI). Second: I must boot OS blindly. With my graphics HD7870 i need to have onboard graphics on in BIOS so i can't see what i'm doing. When i set on PCI Express it freezes when booting. Windows 8 is working too with this settings but i just want to see bootloader. Is it possible to fix it? Third: When booting my dvd drive just ejects. Without any reason. And when i insert a dvd disk (cd doesn't work) and then close the drive and login it's working without anny issues. When i want to change disk i have error that i've inserted empty disk.