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  1. Internet not working

    How can I do to make my internet works ? And how can I instal tl wn851nd kext and r9 270x kext ? I don't know how install kexts
  2. Still rebooting

    Am I doing something wrong ? I used /amd64 and /amdfx Npci=0x2000 My specs Fx6300 M6a78lmxbr 8gb ram R9 270x 4gb
  3. Reboot after trying to boot OSX

    Same here fx 6300 r9 270x m5a78lmxbr 8gb ram 320 gb hd
  4. Reboot AMD Processor

    I´m getting this error when i'll start the yosemite hackintosh zone after this, the pc reboot i used /amdfx npci=0x3000 and Backup Graphics Extensions package selected my specs fx6300 m5a78lmxbr r9 270x 4gb 8gb ram hd 320 gb
  5. Stuck at PCI configuration begin

  6. Stuck at PCI configuration begin

    I've got the same. I tried with npci=0x3000 and it works, Try npci=0x2000 or x3000
  7. Error install - AMD processor

    i´ve got error install my specs fx 6300 r9 270x 8gb ram and i used /amdfx npci=0x3000 -v
  8. Retail Mavericks

    Where can i find a tutorial with hackingtosh to reatil mavericks for amd ?