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  1. thank you niresh its installed successfully. but i have one problom i am using sony vaio e series vpcea32ea laptop. i have a problom in mouse pad its left and right buttons not working. but mouse pad is working only buttons problom thats way i am using externel mouse while i am installing laptop mouse and externel is working after installing is compleated while i am setting up the account only internel mouse is working with double touching the mouse pad after starting the os externel mouse and dowble touching pad not working also usb ports also not working while im inserting the usb pendrive .. plz help me to solve the issue.
  2. i have tried all the boot flags ex:- -v ,graphicsenabler=yes/no, -x, cpus=1, ncpi=0*2000 etc plz help me
  3. hear is the my problom with booting with -v
  4. intel core i3 processor 4gb ram intel hd graphics
  5. plz help me while installing maverick i am getting one stop symbel.