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  1. Stuck on ( SMC: Successfully Initialized)

    If anyone can help me or point me in the right way I would really be thankful.
  2. bootloader

    Hey im a super hackintosh noob too but I read that u shouldnt have more than 1 HDD attatched to sata at a time. Not sure if that is what you meant but if so try disconnecting the windows sata Hdd from motherboard
  3. I finally installed and got into the desktop. All Niresh configurations installed then restarted pc. Used Multibeast to install drivers etc. I didnt choose them I did the auto install. When I rebooted I kept getting stuck at the loading apple logo. I used -v to load so I can see the errors. Here is what displays and stays stuck at:
  4. I did the installation and I had to boot from the USB to load the OS again. I get through the setup and here is what happens when the Desktop loads. It freezes and shows this message.
  5. OK I installed Mavericks on my PC with not issues. Ran the installer, when it finished, it restarted automatically. When the PC begins booting up it says there "reboot and select proper device to boot" So I rebooted and chose the boot device myself. I only see my USB Device. When my usb loads it shows Niresh dmg installation and then it shows the name of the partition I created when erasing my HDD to install Macos. When I load MacOs from the boot menu it begins with the desktop setup. It asks for the language then to choose the keyboard. Then the network, name, password, etc... If I don't fly through the options fast enough it freezes. No matter if I go fast or slow it freezes. So I ran through that part of the setup and got into the actual desktop. So the desktop loads and within seconds I see on the right top corner a message saying its installing Niresh files or something like that. Then it freezes. kept happening over and over. I decided to erase the HDD and reinstall. The first time I erased the HDD I named it MacOs_Mavericks I read something not to put spaces or characters so I renamed the new one just mavericks. Before I began installing Mac I had Ubuntu 13.x If anyone can help me I really would appreciate it. All my pc says on the outside is: Gateway DX4870-UR23P Intel Core i5 Processor 3470 Intel HD Graphics 8GB RAM 1TB HDD DVD SuperMulti Drive