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  1. These are my Output's while trying out the flag: amd64 -v GraphicsEnabler=No -> Goes to Blank Screen -v amd ->Just Reboots amd -v or amd -v GraphicsEnabler=No -> SMC MMIO Error amd -v npci=0x2000 -> Panic amd -v -x npci=0x2000 -> SMC MMIO Error -v npci=0x3000 -> SMC MMIO Error -v -x npci=0x3000 ->SMC MMIO Error
  2. Hey there, If you see the comment which i mentioned in line #39 I'm still unable to install in on my Desktop. Can i try the flag which you mentioned?
  3. It's been a long time i'm trying to install Mac OS in the non-Mac Machine and ysdy some how i succedded installing it on my HP G4 1020tx with Niresh OS X Mav 10.9. I did follwed the same procedure on my Desktop Machine (ASUS F1A75-V PRO + A8-3850 + 8GB DDR3 Corsair Vengeance) it didn't work. What Steps where Done: 1. Used the same Niresh OS X Mav Stick (Which i used to install Niresh OS X Mav on my HP Lap with the flag hp -v). 2. Flag used in desktop was amd, amd 64, amd -v by trying out all these it ended up with Panic Error/SMC::smcInitHelper ERROR: MMIO regMap == NULL - fall back to old SMC mode/System Uptime in nanoseconds. 3. Reading your message today I'm planning to try it out but question is after i download the zip (mach10.9betarc4fix) from the link which you provided after i replace the name to amd how do i paste it to the root directory of Niresh's Maverick destro? Not too familure in knowing this please don't mind if it's stupid question. I burnt the Niresh OS X Mav *.img file to the flash drive using Win32 Disk Imager. So please advice during which phase i need to replace it in the root directory? Do i need to extract the *.img file and add the kernal to the extracted folder and then burn it to flash drive as a bootable image file or after burning the *.img file to the flash drive and then i place the kernal file in the root directory inside the flash drive by just copy pasting it? If i copy paste it after i burn the image file to the flash drive then in that case the bootable usb will be still bootable? 4. After all these done which flag i need to enter? By googling through the website of niresh i go these list below to try it out so please confirm in my desktop machine with this spec what flag as to been entered: amd64 -v GraphicsEnabler=No /amd_kernel arch=x86_64 -v amd amd -v or amd -v GraphicsEnabler=No amd (to boot in used: PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 GraphicsEnabler=yes) amd -v AMD -V -X 5. Also while reading the post above "After installation it will reboot use flags" how do i enter a flag when i'm at the boot screen, where i see an icon for the hard drive where i installed Mavericks and i have to Select it and press. Do i need to press any key combination in the kybd? Please Advice and Anyone Can Advice.