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  1. [Graphics and Memory problem] Please help..

    well i have Asrock z77 extreme 6 mobo & intel i7 - 3770k & an nvidia gigabyte Gtx 670 Gpu i have the same problem of Audio & video can i get a kexts ?? plz ....
  2. Why No Audio

    hi every1 , iam new for this OS. pardon me for my language :Pmy Rig has Mobo :- Asrocz z77 extreme 6Processor :- i7 3770kGpu :- Gigabyte nvidia geforce Gtx 670and i dnt know but somehow i have successfully installed 10.8 version on my rig. But unfortunately iam unable to listen any sound ? why ? - are there any drivers i need to install ??I Dont have much knowledge about apple OS , i always use windows OS and whenever there are problem with sound i insert the Motherboard DvD and install the drivers.please help!!also one thing, While installing , it asked me to tick some options, but i left it as-it-is and just click next/continue......