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  1. Hey guys wondering if I could get help on this. I'm currently running os x 10.9 on an AMD system and wish to update. I know that I need to backup my kexts and manually install the proper kernel, but all that requires the niresh thumbdrive, which I no longer have. I can't make another one, because I don't have another 8gb flashdrive. I downloaded this app called AMD install helper 1.1.1 from the downloads page and was wondering if this would work. If not, does anyone know of an alternate way of updating that doesn't require the niresh bootable usb? I'm a bit of a noob at this, so I apologize if this post is just not possible. Thanks. specs: amd athlon iix2 250 Dell inspiron 570 mobo 4gb ram bfg geforce 8600gts 256mb