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  1. someone??
  2. now i got a different problem de green output is working only it say internal speaker and at de black and orange port line-out. sorry i am dutch so maybe those are not the right name but you understand
  3. no it is not working:(
  4. i will try
  5. okey now am i further i can now use all of the three audio cables and when i configure them in midi configuration i can hear a noise on every speaker but when i am playing a song or a movie only my front speakers are working and i get a notification when i install voodoohda that the kext is not installed properly
  6. okey i only see hdmi out 4 times
  7. what do you mean ?
  8. hello, i installed nires mavericks almost successfully. Ive got a problem with my audio it won't work with all of the three line aut i used normal green for front black for rear audio and orange for sub and center but it wil only play music at my front speakers and if i only put the green cable in it works but when i put another cable in it stops and the line while change from green toe black and give no sound my mother board is the gigabyte x79s up5 wifi withe the 17 3930k and asus 670gtx only green input is taken green and black input are taken green,black an orange port are taken