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  1. Stuck On Loading!

    what are the settings in your bios for the gpu ? if you have the option try to set the intel 4600 to 64mb , could be a gpu conflict cause osx cant reacht the nvidia gpu , i had the same problem with hd3000 and nvidia gt540m
  2. Stuck On Loading!

    Install it on a second usbkey (512mb at least)not your niresh usbkey ,select this usbkey as first boot in your bios and then select your niresh key when clover is loaded
  3. Stuck On Loading!

    i used to usb sticks one for osx install with transmac and the other one to install clover on it, and selected the clover usb to boot and then started the install from osx-usbusbutility link here
  4. Cpu Is Getting To Hot

    i would love to update to mavericks but can i do that ? just download the mavericks update from the App Store and install it over niresh 10.8.5 and keep al the kext/drivers ?
  5. Stuck On Loading!

    witch bootloader do you use ? chameleon or clover ? and arre you installing from usb or dvd i use clover cause it uses the most bootflags for a succesfull boot and install
  6. Cpu Is Getting To Hot

    hi all my temp of the cpu goes way to high , when i watch a video it getting op to 80-89-celsius everthing else works perfect I got a asus n53sv i5 intel cpu , niresh 10.8.5i added a attach image of the hwmonitor if any one know's or can tell me how to fix this i would be happy Regard bas from the Netherlands