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    Just to gave a bit feedback about this Board -> you can run Yosemite (10.10.4) and El Capitan (10.11.2) on the M5A78L-M USB3 - The CPU is supported too - but i never got the Radeon 3000 working. is there is any fix that i can try. I am booting with npci=0x3000 pls let me know if/how anyone got the radeon 3000 to work
  2. Ati.c Deadbeef 1772 Error Mavericks I Need Help

    I#ve tryed GraphicsEnabler=Yes / GraphicsEnabler=No multiple times. with GraphicsEnabler=No will the PC just reboot without any msg on the screen. if i boot wthout any Bootflag will my screen show the msg "out of range" but i think this is a wrong msg. cause is i switch this on my HD TV there is no picture shown too. oh GraphicsEnabler=yes -x i get the 0xdeadbeef ill try to install 10.8.5 for now will report back in an another thread if there will be problems too. greez from Germany Lokke
  3. Ati.c Deadbeef 1772 Error Mavericks I Need Help

    I think i got the same Error Message like u maybe u found anything about it? I Installed Maverics on a M5A78L-M USB3 AMD Phenom 2 X4 965 AMD Radeon HD 4890 (PCIe Graphics) AMD 760G (OnBoard Graphics) Screenshot