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  1. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ Thanks heaps, worked like a charm! Now just for the kexts
  2. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ Should i try mavericks or something else?
  3. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ Still no luck, same error as before.
  4. rsdp_mod error when installing

    I have been busy with work for the past few weeks. Tried that, still no working. Might try a bios reset tonight and see how it goes.
  5. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ I can't really do that, as my modules are 4gb and i have 6 of them and I can't remove them without pulling my cpucooler off
  6. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ I have attached an image of when it stopped. I also have an image of the boot if you need. Thanks David
  7. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ Okay, now i'm getting to System uptime in nanoseconds = 0 and then it just stops and wont continue.
  8. rsdp_mod error when installing

    @ I downloaded the ISO you suggested, and when i boot the rsdp_mod error still appears, but it continues to boot. It got stuck with just the apple logo and wouldn't proceed, so i tried "xpcm-free -v" as a tag and it then showed a few things ending in an error about missing bluetooth controller. I don't have a bluetooth controller, so maybe I need to turn off a bluetooth setting somewhere? But, this is using chameleon bootloader.. for some reason i cannot boot directly from the OS X USB. Might try a DVD in the coming days.
  9. rsdp_mod error when installing

    Thanks for the quick response. Just tried it, and it comes up with a lot longer log, but still ends with the same "rsdp_mod size is incorrect" and then the system reboots.
  10. rsdp_mod error when installing

    Hello, I have been working on installing mavericks on my system for some time now. I have downloaded the ISO and written it to a USB, and have chameleon bootloader installed on another USB(clover won't work for some reason). When booting the Mavericks USB from Chameleon, a log comes up quickly and then the pc just restarts. The only thing i can make out from the Log is 'rsdp_mod size is incorrect', but i have paused and taken a photo of the log if anyone would like to see it. Also, I have no changed the install at all (kexts etc) as I am unsure about what the go is with it. Could someone please help in guiding me with my next step with installing mavericks? Thanks

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