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  1. IntelHD 4000 QE/CI

    DAMN Does anyone actually how to enable it? I've tried everything for the past 9 hours. Basically I have both Clover and Chameleon to boot from. Clover is kept on my USB stick and I boot from my EUFI settings that's saved where the OS is installed. unfortunately I've gotten every single thing to work except getting a decent speed. Chameleon is booted from my main USB and the boot.plist installed on the mac - Sound works now - Bought compatible Wi-Fi card (internet works) - Touchpad works - Full resolution works (1366x768) Chameleon This guide, did not help as I do not have these kexts. How do I get them? I've gotten a version online but when I install those my system just freezes and have to boot into safe mode to remove them. I guess I don't have any drivers for my graphics card? Clover Guide I used, Also did not work, I'll also add that the guy added his own configuration and told people to use it in his guide. No it doesn't work like that , I saw the settings he used and backed out, completely different resolution ,RAM and language settings. Closest I've came was with Chameleon with GraphicsEnabler=Yes Both nVidia and IntelHD4000 showed up with their names this time but neither had enough memory.
  2. Error with IntelHD 4000 and Nvidia 635M combo

    My new problem is, is that I need to use Clover Configurator to finalize this otherwise I would have to do this whole process to get the right resolution. And it still stays at 64, just better resolution, but clover configurator requires internet connection which I don't have on mac
  3. Error with IntelHD 4000 and Nvidia 635M combo

    Yeah. For anyone else who has this problem do the following Disable CSM in your Bios ( I had to enable it in the first place to instal Mac otherwise my bios would not let me boot from any other device) Now it will only detect one of the two USB's you have plugged in (clover) For example it went from this To this Boot with clover Press O Go to Graphic Injector Menu and Enable InjectEDID and InjectIntel to the main menu Use arrow keys to go to the right AKA the next page (I thought at first there's only 3 options) and boot from your USB it will be the one with an X on the logo *EDIT* before you boot from the Mac USB you have to click on the very last option" boot UEFI internal from"usb with mac name" otherwise you will get the same error as before, then the resolution changes and you will have all the buttons on one screen, proceed by clicking the 6th one. and boot from your USB it will be the one with an X on the logo
  4. Error with IntelHD 4000 and Nvidia 635M combo

    I tried that and it's still a blackscreen Basically there's 2 choices Lexar is the USB where I installed clover on Sandisc Cruzer is what I use to boot the Mac There's two options for Lexar(clover) the EUFI one doesn't do anything but just keep saying ( - ) The one where it doesn't say EUFI reacts does a line break and just types "6" then nothing happens and yes I have changed it to 64Mb
  5. Error with IntelHD 4000 and Nvidia 635M combo

    Okay...I tried method 2 but it feels like they've skipped something? Step 4 is pretty unclear to me, "Boot with USB this usb and Select Partition where you have installed OSX" I am booting it from a 32Gig sandisc cruzer, that's where I have the OS installed , is it telling me to have both USB's in? when I boot with the other USB stick with clover it just stays at a black screen with a dash ( - ) and that's about it
  6. Hey guys, I have an ASUS laptop S550C Intel-Core i5-3317U IntelHD4000 and Nvidia 635M 8GB ram 1Tb HDD+ 24GB SSD First off I don't know whether or not this is important but I'm using a program called EasyBCD to get to my BIOS Since my computer boots on the SSD it's almost impossible to hit whatever F key to get there. This is pretty much my error when I try to start it Basically if I press any button it will get stuck at the mac loading screen forever. I've been able to actually get in by using the -x feature, So before pressing enter I typed in GraphicsEnabler= No -x And I got in but on safe mode, really shitty resolution and extremely annoying mouse sensitivity no mousepad access and keyboard I got access to after Niresh finished installing. Unfortunately if I shutdown or restart I am back at square one, So I can't start it without safe mode and if I do use safe mode I have to create a user account all over again and niresh has to setup up once again. Now my question here is how do I fix it? Is it possible to fix it in safe mode? I've researched this a lot and it always ended up about people saying to edit the kext files,delete files located *here*, or something along those lines.