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  1. how to boot without -f flag

    my machine = intel core i5 4440 M/B GA-H87M-HD3 VGA HIS Radeon HD7770 Ghz Edition Ram 8Gb Audio interface Motu Microbook 1x2Tb HDD 2x1Tb HDD Os install Windows 7 64bit + Nires Yosemite problem cant boot without -f (but everything working ) Please guide me to fix its when boot without -f its stuck same this picture
  2. cant boot from hdd

    after installtion complete (niresh 10.9 ) cant boot from hdd when reboot machine its boot to window 7 ( i have windows7+niresh 10.9 in same hdd ) but i can boot to osx with usb bootable) try active maverick partition (with windows7 disk manager) its still not working how to fix this problem please help!! sorry for bad english
  3. my problem follow This VDO Please Help
  4. d-link DWA132 (B1) Can Use it On OSX 10.9 ?

    this Problems Clear Just Update To Mavericks 10.9.3 Thanks
  5. i Have DWA-132 + Niresh OSX 10.9 (Up To 10.9.2) i try folow this vdo but not Working who can guide me to Fix this problem please Help my Hardware Core i5 4440 GA-H87M-HD3 8Gb Ram ATI HD7750 1x2TB HDD 1x1TB HDD D-Link DWA-132 USB Wireles