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  1. Bootloop Installing 10.9

    I was able to solve the NTFS error by formatting the hard drive to HFS+ with Gparted Utility. I'm following the steps outlined here ( ) But I get hung up at this part ( ) Anyone knows what do?
  2. Bootloop Installing 10.9

    Bump. Ive tried -x and nothing still.
  3. Bootloop Installing 10.9 the image is larger than 500K. Taken with LG G2.
  4. Bootloop Installing 10.9

    Backstory: Had a T410 2522 with Windows 7 on it. I saw a guide that said use Niresh with Win32Disk and install through USBHDD. I did that and went through the installer no problem until the first reboot didn't happen and looped. I wiped my hd with Nuke and followed the input from ( ) but the initial loading screen would freeze. I then used these flags (-CPUS=1 PCIROOTUID=1 GRAPHICSENABLER=YES NPCI=0X2000) from here ( but after 15min on the initial loading screen it goes to a boot loop. Anyone know what do?