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  1. I created a usb controller in the hardware options for vmware, and now the mouse doesn't jump. But I can't click so install can't set up the OS... edit: turns out I can click. but the click takes place a little under and over from where my mouse is. Any fix for this? 2nd edit: I've stumbled through the setup process and clicked the continue button on the create an account page, however the creating account circle is just spinning endlessly. 3rd edit: ignore previous edit. turns out it was just slower than i thought it would be.
  2. @ I installed niresh and was able to get to the welcome screen. However the mouse jumps around everywhere making it impossible to setup the OS. I already tried to trick of changing the OS to windows 7 64 in vmware settings.
  3. @ Same issue with that set of boot flags. I just downloaded VMware player (the free one) and I was able to get to the install screen. Under customize, I left it as the defaults and added the vmware option. Its installing right now, so I'll post if it works.
  4. @ Sorry, I forgot to mention I hadn't installed yet. I booted with -x , and I was just stuck at the grey apple logo screen. So I decided to try to boot with -x -v , and I'm getting stuck at the same point.
  5. @ As I said, i tried to boot with -s and I got stuck with the same error. I am using the mavericks distro from this site located at the URL Maybe I'm not using the flag correctly. Here is what I am doing when trying to boot with -s.
  6. @AndreiUle I booted with -s as you said, but I still got stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport, so I couldn't enter any of the commnands.
  7. Hey everyone, I've got some questions about how much HDD space I should allocate, and if I need to enabled any specific options. I am planning to run niresh in a virtualbox with a virtual hard drive of 80GB and 4GB RAM. If that enough for me to use Xcode and the iOS simulator, while creating iOS apps? And do I need any special options when installing the OS? My host specs are as below: i5-4670K Z87-G41 r9 270X 8GB RAM edit: I just booted up and got stuck at Missing Bluetooth Controller Transport. Any ideas on how to fix?