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  1. Problem with the iso/dmg image file

    @ there is a menu in which will you should select the installer partition at that menu type the command i have given USBBusFix=Yes -v Yeah, if I have ever got to that menu I would have done that. It's just that I do not know what menu you are talking about and how to do i get to it. I boot from the usb, and get nothing... just a black screen says after a while that it's not possible to boot from this usb... (something like that). I do thank you @niresh
  2. Problem with the iso/dmg image file

    What would you say @ ?
  3. Problem with the iso/dmg image file

    I'm sorry for not understanding you right a way. I'll be very happy to get some specific instructions just to get to the installation screen. When I choose from the bios to boot from my external hard drive, I do not have any chance to enter a command.
  4. Problem with the iso/dmg image file

    where ? i mean where does that option appear?
  5. Hello, I'm trying to boot from the niresh mavericks installation but the procedure is stuck at booting from the external hard drive. I have downloaded both dmg and iso files and imaged them to my external drive more than 10 times. I could actually see the files in the external hard drive except for the niresh logo, is that normal? What do you think is the problem? I have used win32DiskImager. I have tried two different hdds. What would you recommend? Thank you