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  1. Ok, thanks, I will try soon. But before doing that I have a question: how could I remove Intel Graphics Drivers?
  2. Hello everybody, I'm facing some issues with my new video card. I used to have an old NVidia 8400GS 512MB graphics card, and I've installed without any problem my Niresh 10.10.1 distro. Recently I bought a NVidia GTX650 graphics card, tried to reinstall Niresh, but nothing: I just pass the first screen where it's prompted which device to boot, and after a few seconds I get a kernel panic error, type=0 divide error. I googled, and tried various boot args, even these: -x -v GraphicsEnabler=No dart=0 PCIRootUID=1 My PC specs are in my signature. Can anybody help me? I've only changed my video card, I did not expect that everything would crash... Thanks!
  3. Two opposite replies, I'm a little confused There's an only solution: try! I'll wait the ISO image, because 3-4 times I've downloaded the DMG one and I always obtained a corrupted file However, thanks for your replies!
  4. I tried to upgrade from Apple Store, and I had a message like "No way without a GPT disk". Maybe if you have a GPT disk and an EFI mainboard you can, I don't know...
  5. Hello everybody! I have a question: as in my signature, I have OSX 10.8.5. Just for test, I tried to upgrade from Apple Store to Mavericks 10.9. Download works, but when I try to install it I get a message like "You can't install Mavericks on a disk that is not a GPT disk". My main board does not support EFI, so my question is: Can I install NIresh OSX 10.9 onto an MBR partitioned disk? Thanks to everybody
  6. Is there a similar file for Mountain Lion? Because I have exactly this video card but my Mac is 10.8.5, and when I try to install this pkg I have problems
  7. I have a very similar problem on my NVidia 8400GS graphics card: flickers with Safari, no Youtube on Firefox, and even Chrome has some troubles. Moreover, even my dock has some flickers when I get over icons with mouse. I hope somebody will help us
  8. Thanks for the reply, but I've done in some way :-D I've installed many kexts and packages and now I have my 10.8.5 updated, 1920x1080 resolution, network and audio OK, but I miss hardware acceleration (I think) because I have some troubles with browsers: - with Safari, Youtube videos have an effect like play/pause about every second; - with Firefox, I can't see Youtube videos at all - with Chrome, I can see Youtube videos: audio is quite good, but video is poor, it seems not more than 10-12 fps and the dock bar, with icons that become bigger when you get over them with mouse, doesn't have a smooth reaction. My system specs are in my signature. Can you help me to enable hardware acceleration on my system?
  9. Hello everybody, I am new to this forum so forgive me if I will commit some errors. I've installed Niresh OSX some times before, and I always have the same problem: installation works fine, but my screen resolution is no more than 1280x1024. Then I go to update my system with Apple Store, and when I reboot i get a good 1920x1080 resolution, but I have no more network. I've already tried to use some methods searching with Google, installing kexts for my network card (Marvell Yukon 88e8053, drivers for 88e8056 are also good), but nothing worked. In the earlier installations, I used the 10.8.2 distro. Now I switched to the 10.8.5, and I've seen that for audio and network there's Auto Install. So, my question is: can I update normally from Apple Store and rebooting with an improved resolution AND have my network still working, or do I have to do something else?