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  1. [Guide][10.9] Enable Hd4000 Vga

    Hi man,Thanx for good guide, but I have problem with last step (Clover Configurator Setup) so I would appreciated if someone could help me with this :)I have this configuration:Core i5 4670 (with HD4600 integrated graphic) Gigabyte GA-Z87-HD3 16 GB of DDR 1600 MHz (KingstonX, 2 modules a.k.a. 2 pack of 8 GB each) Seagate Barracuda 2 TB (OS X is on 500 GB partition, and I have one more partition for documents etc. the rest of HDD space is for Windows 7 when I eventually install it) One SSD 120 GB (Samsung EVO 840 120 GB) And MSi Geforce GTX 660 (i could not install with this card, so I used integrated graphic from processor and after I will install the GTX 660 as soon as I start Multibeast 6)Soo..my problem is when I used the config.plist (that you kindly gave us) and restarted It took me to some gray menu where the flame of Niresh font glazed my eyes and in the middle there was a picture of my HDD OS X drive).I clicked on picture of my OS X HDD drive, and then the apple logo (sliced) appeared and the loading took forever a.k.a. the spinning wheel under the apple logo stucked in endless spinning...So my question is. Can I use the same config.plist that you used, or should I make my own specification?If that is the case, I am a novice in Apple distros/clover instalation/setup so I do not know what option should I check or uncheck, so if there is some kind and gentle soul who could help me to install Clover on my HDD, so I dont use any more of this USB for booting, I would appreciate it very very much :)Peace be with all you great people, and happy New year! :)And thanks to Niresh and his crew, for making this OS X thing possible on our computers