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  1. Hi, I have successfully installed Maverick 10.9 , but when i try to boot it freezes at opemu error: no rip yetopemu ; it just appears this text for like 2 lines. I am able to boot in to the OS if i use GraphicsEnabler=No , but that is just a temporary solution as it is a pain in the a** to navigate the OS without graphics , everything glitches and it's really annoying and hard to use it. So, please if anyone is able to help me, please tell me what can i do. Specs: -ATI Radeon HD 4650 -AMD Athlon X4 2.61 GHz EDIT: -Problem Solved. I'm not sure how i solved it but now it works fine. I'll tell you what i did: i installed clover boot loader, and after that installed back chimera because i didn't like clover , and somewhere between this two process the error fixed.
  2. Hi, My instalatiion got an error when there was only 2 minutes left; It said something like "exit with Bus error 10". I also got the installation log, i hope you can help me.Installer Log 21-Dec-2014.txt Thanks!