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  1. Thank you for answering my message I currently have Yosemite installed without any problem everything ok Specifications: Guide
  2. What are the specifications of your computer, and which sign do you use Clover or Legacy?
  3. Help could not start saw OS Sierra Hello, I hope to help me, I try to boot from my USB, but every time I reboot and load my USB my computer is on a black screen, with a blinking pointer, I've loaded the DMG file with another usb and it's still the same, When I do the Restore image with trans MAC when finalizing inside the usb I unpacked the file Restore Sierra.pkg. I do not know why it's not happening, I've previously installed Yosemite and I've had no problem. I hope they help me, thanks
  4. Hello friends, how about, I hope well, achieving Yosemite 10.10 install everything right, I am using but I get a kernel panic, restart and until I get out of there, but then put the error screen again, and try to install anyway but I always get this error anyone help me please leave thanks capture error.
  5. fgd.tiffHello friends I hope I can help, I managed to install Yosemite 10,10 all right but when I try to start without USB Does not Work I always I have to use my USB to Start, and install Chameleon bootloader, and does not work, probe installed by Chameleon Wizard but I get a message that says there is no org.chameleon.Boot.plist file in the selected partition by nose to do Thank hopefully help me .. I tried many times with other forms and not achieving anything, I hope your help Urgent friends Thanks
  6. Hello I have installed 9.2.3 running maverick 100 in my dell computer will use as 2 months and then stop using it as 15 days and when I returned I get to go apple and apple goes down bar to finish loading I load the bar shuts down the computer there does not always happen I turn is the same procedure exits carrying a bar down the block and hence fails .. help please .... otherwise I burned the iso on my usb but when you see another start with usb I get opertativ sysmem not found I hope friends help me thanks