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  1. Quite honestly the best way to create a bootable USB is to use Transmac its easy and you get a 15 day trial with it
  2. I had issues with Niresh Mountain Lion surprisingly my configuration works best with Mavericks i get full graphically support no lag no issues other than an issue with preview.app
  3. So since i'm a nice person and all for those who use Clover i found a fix for this issue when follow the guide on this page and it will work on reboot http://www.tonymacx86.com/general-help/110471-how-fix-imessage-6.html#post831093
  4. What bootloader are you using?
  5. So this is my 3rd day of having the hackintosh up and running, everything runs smoothly no issues found so far with duel monitors 1920x1080p res other than the iMessage and iCloud issues My hardware specs are ga-h61m-ds2 dvi GigaByte Motherboard Intel® Celeron® CPU G1620 @ 2.70GHz x 2 AMD Radeon HD 5450 1Gb 4Gb of Ram So this is my Issue, When i run iMessage and sign into it i'm prompted with the error message: Your Apple ID "xxxx@xxxx.com" can't be used to set up iMessage at this time. If this is a new Apple ID, you do not need to create another one. To use this Apple ID with iMessage, contact iMessage support with the code below. Customer Code:0932-6985-xxxx I have tried a bunch of different solutions included the NVRAM stuff and changing to different bootloaders (For some reason i can't boot into Mac Os X with chameleon and Chimera when i do i get a white screen and it just sits there but when i use Clover it boots in to the login screen and allows me to use the system if anyone knows how to fix this it would be a great help too) The issue i'm having with iCloud is when i go to sign in to my iCloud i get prompted with: Account Limit Reached. Making this post was a last resort, i have been googling and looking through forums and video's all night so if anyone can help i'd appreciate it.