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  1. Well well well All my problems disappered with the update 10.9.2! Many thanks!!
  2. Ok. Finally the graphic problème was disappering after clover bootloader install with "inject ati" tag. Now it's Safari who flashing when i'm moving the mouse... Sometime it's like a stroboscope with Youtube per exemple...
  3. Ok. i reinstalled without PS2 package. after i used dart=0 bootflag to be sure it wasn't a VT-D problem (i founded a post about this). Now, i'm in front of a screen that asks me "user" "password" but my keyboard isn't responding... so, i think that i must resintall whith PS2 Package and use dart=0 bootflag, no? Thanks,
  4. Hi Niresh, Thanks for the reply. The boot stuck after "DSMOS has arrived". I'm trylng without Graphics Kexts, it's the same thing. For your 2nd suggestion i have PS2 keyboard, it wasn ´t a problem if i unselect the PS2 Package? Thanks,
  5. Hi, My english is very poor so... be forgiving the Niresh installation is good but when i try to boot OSX, i can't. I'm trying a lot of flag but nothing else better... Here is screenshot with flag -x -f -v and flag GraphicsEnable=No Configuration is in my sign Thanks for help Olivy Hardware Details: AsRock Fatal1ty P67 Performance - i5 2310 - MSI R7750 2GD3 Radeon HD7750 - Ram 8Gb Corsair DDR3 1600