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  1. USB not bootable

    Hello Gurus, I am out of luck to get my usb boot. I will start with specs : Laptop : Fujitsu lifebook AH531-GFO USB Pendrive : Sandisk cruze blade 8 gb 1. Tried with win32diskimager to write .dmg to usb drive. It just gives me a flash screen and laptop starts with windows again. 2. Tried BDutility.exe to see if my usb disk is bootable and it boots fine. 3 Tried 2 pendrives one with clover (BDutility) to boot into clover and then tried to boot with 8gb (written with win32diskimager) but it just hangs on a black screen, need to restart using power button. 4. Restored the dmg using virtual mvericks vmware, but not bootable again. 5. Tried dmg2img but it says dmg corrupted, I double checked with utorrent and it says 100% completed. Any help will be much appreciated. One thing I noticed that some times sandisk usb are not bootable but to ensure it I used BDUtility on my 8gb cruze and it booted fine into clover. Thanks all.
  2. Patched mach_kernel for Haswell



    Its a patched mach_kernel for Haswell processors having prob as early reboot.
  3. iTweax (Mavericks version)



    Tweakhidden settings for Mavericks. Only for Mavericks.
  4. iTweax (only for Mountain Lion)



    iTweak OSX hidden settings. This version is only for Mountain Lion. For Mavericks there is another version.
  5. @OP boot using -v -f amdfx boot flags. It should boot.
  6. Bugged fonts on safari/App store

    Also change language forth and back. Change wallpaper. It may do the trick.
  7. As is title, I think there should be a description about all softwares/tools on related page. Right now, there is no description available (e.g. ALC 662, Face Wizard etc) for the software/tools in download section. If name is not clear enough to understand "what it is, what does it do and when to use it" then users first need to download the tool and test him/her self. Thank you
  8. I am Stuck Here Pls Help!!!!

    @Rabhishek Abhishek Download post installation tools like Slytherin or Multibest and install sound fix/solution or as the name says. WiFi will not work and you had to know it before hand. You just jumped into the Hackintosh without reading? WiFi only works for just an specific Atheros WiFi card. First get the sound. Graphics will be dealt later.
  9. I am Stuck Here Pls Help!!!!

    Till not advised so, or you are sure why are you doing it.
  10. I am Stuck Here Pls Help!!!!

    Charger is not a problem unless its not the original. Also sometimes repaired laptop using non-original hardwares (like screen, cheap RAM) may cause this fault. Why do you touch configuration at all at first place? Dont touch the configuration till you are not sure what and why are you doing and what effect it will cause. Regards.
  11. I am Stuck Here Pls Help!!!!

    @Rabhishek Abhishek So you finaly managed to boot? BIOS is set for OSX as per guide? Any USB device plugged in while installation like printer/webcam/modem ? Reset BIOS to as factory defaults. Then change SATA -> AHCI, Legacy USB support -> Yes, Secure Boot -> No Remove all USB devices connected to PC, even extra HDD/SSD which are not needed right now. Try again.
  12. Why It Gives Me Error 15 While Booting Into Niresh USB?

    Yes this is the last option and correct DVD. Yes it will fit into a normal DVD and that is why I said ML and not Mavericks coz of more downloading plus dual layer DVD. And USB is faster than DVD like 15-20 mins so better download ML and do as I said.
  13. Why It Gives Me Error 15 While Booting Into Niresh USB?

    Well then th last option is DVD. Its long but very very trusted mthod. Download niresh osx mountain lion. Burn it to DVD, then boot using it and at menu select your mavericks USB. Yeh its ridiculous, but its a bug that prevent the bootloader into some specific MoBo. You will might be happy to know that myself install using ML DVD and then select USB at boot, I am in your side too.
  14. Why It Gives Me Error 15 While Booting Into Niresh USB?

    I didnt get. Can you go into Niresh Menu ? It waits for boot flags or if you hit enter, it starts loading kernel.
  15. Why It Gives Me Error 15 While Booting Into Niresh USB?

    Try TransMac to prepare your USB. If yet it fails then download iBoot. Burn it to CD. Boot using this CD, at menu insert your USB, press f5 aka refresh. It will list your USB. Select it and boot (prepare your USB with win32diskimager before hand).
  16. Why It Gives Me Error 15 While Booting Into Niresh USB?

    Plz post full specs. Boot using -v -f amd (or amd64) and post a pic if it gets stuck.
  17. Audio_script_Aman

    Script to switch between Headphones and internal speakers or mic automatically. Use with Quick Silver. For complete guide, check the article section. New : Show notification Play notification sound
  18. Audio_script_Aman

    Version 2


    Script to switch between Headphones and internal speakers or mic automatically. Use with Quick Silver.
  19. Carillon Installer.pkg and Chime

    A very tiny script written by me to force a Chime sound as you Login. Mimic the startup Chime of an OSX up to a degree
  20. Audio_script_Aman

    My first scripts for OSX to change Output and Input devices using just a keyboard shortcut. Visit for more detail : Enjoy.
  21. Audio_script_Aman

    Version 1.0


    Scripts to change headphones and speakers with keyboard shortcuts. Visit the Guide section for detail.
  22. Boot flag needed for Dell Inspiron N5110

    You should tell what have you done till and where are you stuck? For start, always boot with -v -f.
  23. Carillon Installer.pkg and Chime



    Want to get the Startup Chime for your Hackintosh with VooDooHDA? Here I present you this small script. But It is not actual Startup Sound and only a Login Chime. Enjoy
  24. SideEffect

    Version 1.9


    Get back the colourful sidebar in Finder.
  25. Niresh Fails To Boot After Install AMD

    As soon the bootloader starts it will say boot0:done, then it will give 3-5 seconds to press a button to choose disk to boot. Press any button quickly and it will now show all the partitions/drives of your PC. There you type the flag. And you can see the typed boot flags.