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  1. Lion installation reboots my pc

    it's enabled by default, there is another Limit CPUID MaxVal which is disabled, should i enable it?
  2. Lion installation reboots my pc

    Hello! I'm trying in days to install Lion, but everytime it restarts my pc. I saw that is a common problem so i'm asking what i'm doing wrong? I try every possible boot flags and no effect. -v shows no errors just reads the Hfs and a bunch of other stuff, the last sentence is "Legacy USB done" and it restarts. I had no USBs exept the keyboard. Here is my configuration Motherboard: 945G-M3 Processor: P4 3.2Ghz GPU: GT 240 RAM:2GB HDD:Seagate SATA I know the motherboard is a bit odd but i saw a guide in osx86 for 10.7 at ECS 945GCT-M2 Mobo and wanted to took my chances with Lion. I burned the DVD with TransMac. Pls help.