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  1. Can't instal on AMD II X6 1090T

    I also try "cpus=1", but still no good. Result was the same.
  2. Can't instal on AMD II X6 1090T

    Hi again! Thanks for all your suggestions, but there is still no luck with install. I tried: /amd64 -v npci=0x2000 /amd64 -v PCIRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 /amd npci=0x3000 -v There was step forward, because there was no PC restart, but now it stops in place attached below. Any suggestion?
  3. Hi! I successful install Mavericks on Intel dualCore PC, now I trying to install Yosemite on PC: ASUS M4A88T-M AMD II X6 1090T 3.2GHz DDR-1333 8GB ATI Radeon HD5670 but there is always reset after loading couple of seconds of files during installation (it didn't any came to point where it could write panic or other errors). I set bios parameters and tried with many kind of BootFlags, but still no good resaults: : /amd : /amd1 : /amd2 : /amd64 : /amd32 (its actually a 64 bit kernel) : /amdfx (can also boot non FX Processors) -x -s If someone have suggestion for problem with installation... Thanks!