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  1. El Capitain on Amd

    Following many guides online to install El Capitain i downloaded the installer from the app store and then using clover made a bootable pendrive, and also modified and booted with these flags - "-x -v -f" but after booting into installer i cant start the installation it shows "boot failed sleeping for 10 seconds" i am new to this hackintosh thing can someone give me a guide on how to install it correctly with all the clover configurations. My Specs Amd fx 8320 Gtx 960 8gb ram 1tb hdd
  2. I updated to 10.9.4 using combo installer then used this kernel :http://www.hackintoshosx.com/file/4210-amd-kernel-for-os-x-mavericks-1094-xnu1330/ i replaced the kernel and kext of the above kernel using windows partition now i can boot into os 10.9.4 but only in safe mode but at normal boot it stucks.
  3. Can some one share complete steps or video on updating to 10.9.2 i have a amd fx 8320 and a radeon hd 6770
  4. when i had an upgrade from 10.9 to 10.9.2 i got "opemu ud2 error" even though i made a back up of my "sandbox.kext", "system.kext", "Apple Match.kext", "corecrypto.kext" and even downloaded a working 10.9.2 kernel for my hackintosh and after upgrade finished then i boot into windows partition replaced all the backed up files and replaced the kernel then boot back on osx with flags like -x -v -f -F but all this didn't help me and i ended up in some sort of error atlast i had to do a complete re-install. Now i'm on 10.9 and want to upgrade to 10.9.4 with no error can any please provide all the steps necessary for this upgrade to work successfully on my pc. And also is there a kext thats enables complete support for radeon hd 6770 on my osx as of now i'm running on kexts of hd 5000 to enable qe/ci MY PC SPECS ARE : amd fx 8320 his radeon hd 6770 8gb ram