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  1. Hi Crispe I found that the 16GB usb I was using was too big for my HP to recognize.. damn! I used an 8GB and it saw the usb during bootup but now I am having the same issue as you, kernel panics when booting up from usb. How do you install a chameleon bootloader so that it recognizes and installs off the usb? Thank you
  2. Hi I downloaded the mavericks dmg file and then used the instructions under distros to copy it to a 16gb usb stick. when i connect the usb to my Compaq 610 laptop, it doesn't boot off it even though I have set in my boot order to boot from usb before harddisk. I created a ubuntu live installer on usb and this boots fine on my laptop. i checked the mavericks usb installer on a dell computer and it starts the installer successfully. I checked the mavericks usb installer on a hp workstation and had the same issue as the compaq 610 laptop (their bios looks same). I have updated the bios on the compaq 610. Can someone help me find why the usb installer is not booting on my compaq 610? thank you

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