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  1. Windows Host Mlion - Mavericks Upgrade

    Virtual Box don't show the pendrive to MLion... I've added the filter, but it doesn't work.I will buy a HDD and i will install OS X in it. I think it's easier than using Virtual Box.
  2. Windows Host Mlion - Mavericks Upgrade

    When I select the pendrive, it opens a window with the option for formatting the device because it is corrupt... I think it doesn't work for this reason..The pendrive is seen as "unknown device 18A5:0302[0103]"
  3. I would install Mavericks on VirtualBox. I have written the dmg file on a usb drive with Win32DiskImager, but MLion (running on Virtual Box) can't find the drive with diskutil. Is there a way to show 'MLion' the pendrive? (Windows considers it corrupt).Thanks!