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  1. Hello, I have been trying to get this laptop to become a mackintosh but all ways have failed. I thought I would try again and see if niresh would work but all I can get to is the apple logo and then the laptop turns off. that was with these Bootflags: amd64 -nossse3bit arch=x86_64 -force64 PciRootUID=1 npci=0x2000 lol My Processor is the AMD Turion x2 64 RM-70 I am seen athlons work and this is better then them. I would like to get this to work as an experiment on how Hackintoshes work. I have a Macbook Pro Late 2011. So I just wanted to see if I wanted to make a hackintosh desktop. But first wanted to try some of my software on it. I have 4gb of ram and 250gb hard drive using a Usb to install. Thanks