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  1. Intel Hd 4000 Choppy And Sluggish

    Yes, I tried it, but it's not working :/
  2. Intel Hd 4000 Choppy And Sluggish

    I have this problem too. My Asus x550vc have Intel HD 4000 and nVidia GF 720m, so I must install 10.9 without any graphics kexts. When I was install Mac, I was install AppleIntelCapriFB kext and add flag like IntelCapriFB=9, but no vaule (1-11) isn't correct. Please help! Sorry for my bad english.
  3. nVidia GeForce 720m 2GB + Intel HD 4000

    Hi, exist some kexts or DSDT for nVidia GeForce 720m or optimus for this GPU + my integrated Intel HD 4000 ? PS: Sorry for my bad english.