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  1. I didn't use a tutorial, I downloaded the kernel that I linked up then I replaced the original kernel (for view the mach_kernel you need to use a program like showallfiles)
  2. all working good
  3. You need to change kernel with this
  4. Works whitout -x, But there are a lot of bug SOLVED with change kernel
  5. THX THX THX I installed without press customize and it's ok, but after the installation the screen remain white
  6. I tried with chameleon but it crash during boot with all kernel (amd, amdfx, amd64)
  7. I tried to untick more extra kext but nothing. Which are the Kext needed? I saw that it say me that the error is when it extract Essentials.pkg
  8. Thx for answer but nothing, same error
  9. this is the report
  10. Hi, I have a problem during the installation. I used clover bootloader (because it doesn't work with chameleon) with this bootflag, "Kernel=amdfx" and it's ok. Later I use the utility disk for format the HD and i install. Look the files. CPU AMD FX-6100 Motherboard Asus M5A78L-M LE RAM 8 Gb GPU Ati HD 6870 *****SOLVED*****