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  1. ALMOST perfect - AMDFX

    Here are my full specs, straight from aida64 Click here Now, time for the problems. Bootloaders didn't work, it said boot0:error The sound was kinda weird sometimes. Dual booting didn't work, booting into windows said files not found something something I also had a kernel panic saying something like "cpu incorrect/not supported" when setting it up, booting with "-x -f -v -blacklist GraphicsEnabler=No" or something like that fixed it. Everything else worked just as promised, but I switched back to windows because I had problems booting and 85% of the apps i use aren't made for os x.
  2. remove this please

    -snip- remove this please i double posted
  3. Bootloader problem

    I installed windows again, it was causing way too many problems. Thank you for all the hard work you did.
  4. Bootloader problem

    @ I think I'm gonna reinstall windows, this is causing way too many problems...
  5. Bootloader problem

    @ I want you to tell me your SKYPE name if you have one. Anyways does that bootloader support amdfx?
  6. Bootloader problem

    @ Do you have skype or steam or somewhere we can chat together? It kinda takes too long for me or you to reply on those forums. PM me your skype/steam name if you can.
  7. Bootloader problem

    I think I may switch back to windows 8.1, this is causing way too many problems... Like I get super low FPS on minecraft and gmod's font is unreadable...
  8. Bootloader problem

    @ I'm using a desktop tower pc, not sure how to install it manually.
  9. Bootloader problem

    @ Alright, I tried installing chameleon and clover and it still says "boot0: error" Maybe I need to remove the previous version? Tell me how if I need to.
  10. Bootloader problem

    @ I won't need to reinstall os x or do anything like that, right?
  11. Bootloader problem

    @ I didn't try that, how do I do that?
  12. Bootloader problem

    I installed os x mavericks on my computer and the bootloader just won't work. It says "boot0: error" when I try to boot. I can still boot to os x with the installation usb disk which lets me select which OS to boot into. Also, dual-booting doesn't work. It says can't find some files and if I boot from "system reserved", it starts showing the usual windows 8.1 boot screen, then it shows the BSOD and immediately restarts. I can't even read what it said since it was so fast. Will inserting a recovery disk and pressing repair my computer screw up os x?
  13. Strange sound

    I was messing around and I fixed it. I went to system preferences, sound, output and selected the "green rear" option which is where my headphones are plugged in.