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  1. Niresh just don't work.

    Thanks I will try..I am not sure how to check my Audio codec. What about my hd4000 is there a way to make it work? There is also something wrong with my textedit I can't type anything but my laptop keyboard is confirm working because I can sign in.
  2. Niresh just don't work.

    I manage to install mavericks now I have problem which is the Audio and my hd 4000 how do I get them to work?
  3. Niresh just don't work.

    No I mean I can't even install OSX..I am installing 10.9. The boot loader I am using is clover and yes I have tried -x but still unable to boot into the installer..the error message I got was "still waiting for root device"
  4. Niresh just don't work.

    @ The installer comes with a clover boot loader my problem is I can't even boot into the installer the error message is "still waiting for root device" how do I get my graphics to work? Sorry that I am really new to laptop graphics is GT650M nividia & HD4000
  5. [Help] Needed.

    I tried reinstalling OS X but i face a problem that is when booting to the installer the apple logo suddenly change to a no symbol sign and then hangs there. I have tried -x -v single user mode and without kernel caches still I got the same thing. Pls advice and thanks I need to use the OSX urgently
  6. Niresh just don't work.

    Maybe u should try using a recovery disk to repair your hard disk and hopefully it works.
  7. Niresh just don't work.

    I have install niresh hackintosh on my asus n56vz laptop. The problem that I face. 1. OS X can't boot without USB. 2. Not sure how to dual boot. 3. Everytime have to use -x to go into OS X 4. When try to install a kext using multibeast or kext utility I will get system runtime in 1234567890 nanoseconds error. 5. OS X shutdown will always hang. I understand that hackintosh will not work fully for certain laptops and I have done research on google a lot of people using the same laptop as mine manage to let it work fully expect for wifi so I don't understand why it is not working. I have follow the niresh method on installing and it just don't work. Can I install DSDT from those who work? And if yes how do I do it? I am not sure after solving the above problems will something go wrong again after I do the combo update?