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  1. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 boot error after installation

    Sorry but can't Attach also my bios and list of my components because files are too big
  2. OS X Maverick 10.9.0 boot error after installation

    Hi Guys, if select NullCpuPowermanagement.kext boot show xHpet error, i read our topic and disable this. I Have reinstalled all with standard setting [NullCpuPowermanagement.kext exclude] and PCIRootUID=1, try boot with this but stop booting at the AppleLogo. Only first boot later my install start and stop at region selection, mouse and keyboard are blocked . I boot in verbose mode and attach this screenshot. Tnks a Lot
  3. Hi guys, i tried to install OS X Maverick on my pc: intel i5 2500 Socket1155LGA Sandy Bridge; ASRock H67DE3; 8GB DDR3; ATI HD5450; Set my bios with your instruction, AHCI but not set HPET - Change this to 64-bit. because mybios not show options. the install from usb it's ok, process complete but will show this error ( Attach file) Help me please!