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  1. [Help] Intel® GMA 4500MHD kext

    Hi Tim, I have the same graphic and wifi card in my laptop and I've had exactly the same problem as you have before I tried installing kext for Intel GMA X3100. Now it shows me 144 MB and works without any problems. And to the wifi card; well there isn't any kext on the internet. Trust me, I've been trying to find one for ages, but unfortunately without any success. It's probably caused because of the fact that these cards have never been used in apple products, so you might have a look at some other. Hope this will help you Jan
  2. Intel wifi 5100 for acer aspire kext

    Hi, I've also succesfully booted into Mavericks on my aspire 1410. Wifi doesn't work. I searched a lot for any kexts, but I didn't find anyone. Now, I'm using bluetooth share Wifi with my android mobile phone, because for some reason, bluetooth works just fine. That means, that first I connect my phone to any wifi and then I make a bluetooth hotspot sharing the connection. The speed is about 1MB both on 30MB link. So it's not super fast, but it's enough to watch 720p videos on youtube or listen to music on iTunes.