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  1. Graphical problems GTS450

    Hello i recently installed Yosmite Zone on my PC and i got some problems with graphic i tried looking for some kext to fix it but im beginner in hackintosh my specs AMD Athlon II x4 Asus GTS450 8 GB Ram 40 GB HFS HDD when i tried screenshot error pop up some wallpapres looks like that and some fonts in chrome looks like pixelated dots Please help
  2. Helo i got 3 qustions about 10.9 niresh release first is can i run it at AMD Athlon II X4 631 4x 2.60 GHz and GTS 450 and second one i want to buy separate disk drive for OSX i found an old 40 GB 2 MB buffer Sata HDD can it handle Mavericks ? Finaly last one i want to keep my Windows can i have some problem with booting windows after OSX installation. PS sorry for my english and thanks for help
  3. 10.9 wont run on Virtualbox

    @ Ok got one problem sorted out i needed to set machine settings not to mac 10.9 but to other 64 bit but i got new error from VMware This CPU was disabled by guest
  4. 10.9 wont run on Virtualbox

    @ Im using .iso but is not booting i disabled EFi and now its saying please wait for the dvd to load
  5. 10.9 wont run on Virtualbox

    @ Are there is some tut how to set it up on vmware casue i cant boot it i dont even know how to disable efi on this program
  6. Hello i wanted to install a Mavericks on my VirtualBox and i cant run it if i press enter to run installer is showing spining thingy for a second and nothing happens dosent work with -x or -v too i got AMD processor on Windows 7 host i disabled EFI what i done wrong ?