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  1. Installed OSX Mavericks on my secondary rig. Acer Veriton x2611g i5 3330 3.9Ghz 4GB DDR3 RAM 1600 Intel integrated graphics Haven't tried updating yet. One small issue is flickering/distorted images on web browsers and videos and other stuff when you hover your mouse on the quicktime video player for example. The play/pause/forward.etc menu is flickering fast. Whenever I move a window from one portion of the screen to another, it distorts the images. Same thing with websites when I scroll up or down, it just does that. I dont think this is a hardware problem as the Intel IGP should work ok. Doing more testing now, and will update to 10.9.3 shortly. Will update this thread when necessary.
  2. Error after Installation

    Everything is working fine so far. Got rid of the boot0: error too! One thing is bothering me, though. I see images flickering whenever i scroll up and down from a website, whenever i move an open window to a different portion of the screen. Is there a fix to this? or is this a problem on my hardware since i'm using Intel IGP? i don't think this is a hardware issue though..
  3. Error after Installation

    I can confirm that this works. I had the same problem and it's booting up fine now. We'll test more. Splendid work @. Thank you. System: Acer Veriton i5-3330 probably an Acer crappy motherboard 4GB DDR3 800Mhz Intel HD graphics Installed without changing anything on the settings.