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  1. my pc config: asus B85M-G motherboard intel core i5 3.2GHz, model 4460 (built in gpu intel hd graphics 4600) RAM twinmos 4GB HDD 1TB can my pc run yosemite? plz guys suggest me. i want to run hackintosh on my pc. if it runs, what boot flags are required for installation? should i use clover bootloader?
  2. @tilkesh, sorry for the late reply. during the mavericks installation, click on Customize and check the 'backup graphic kexts' option. i hope that will solve your problem. let me know if it works. another thing. i couldn't install chameleon succesfully. if u can install it, plz inform me.
  3. i always have to boot using the usb to run mavericks, since there is no bootloader. otherwise, windows automatically boots. ya, i installed the bootloader on the same HDD with OS X installed.
  4. i did according to ur suggestion. after booting to the desktop, i downloaded the bootloader from this site and successfully installed it. but after restarting the pc, i didn't get any bootloader. i don't know what to do. i am very much new to hackintosh.
  5. @shuvonasir, thanks for the video. i actually succeded to install niresh mavericks on my pc before i saw the video. but i didn't got any bootloader. this video is for amd processors, but mine is intel motherboard with built-in graphics card. i didn't need to apply the 'amd -v' flag to install mavericks. will the tricks work for my motherboard? however, in the video, after the guy installs mavericks, i see a graphical niresh interface showing all hard drives. is that the chameleon bootloader? how can i get the bootloader?
  6. hello, i am new user of niresh mavericks. i downloaded and installed chameleon from the website. it shows installed successfully, but after restarting the pc, i don't see any bootloader. win8.1 from other partition automatically boots. can u please tell me the thorough process of installing chameleon? will be grateful..... i also don't find graphics quality to the fullest in mavericks. after installing mavericks, is there something more to do for graphics support?
  7. but does this trick work on windows 8.1? there is no 'msahci' registry in the registry editor of win8.1
  8. my pic config: core i3 2.93GHz intel dh55pj motherboard RAM 2GB, built-in graphics card asus monitor (using DVI port) default os: windows 8.1 after trying many times, finally i installed and booted niresh mavericks 10.9 successfully on my pc, but the problem is there isn't any chameleon bootloader installed. so i can't run both os by keeping AHCI option in bios. if i enable AHCI, then windows get into problem of blue screen repeatedly. if i enable IDE, then hackintosh doesn't boot. besides, i have to put the niresh usb drive into pc every time to run hackintosh. otherwise, it always boots windows automatically. plz help!!!!