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  1. 10.9 works without additional flags on my A10-5800k, but without acceleration, still searching for a kext that makes it work. I'm not using a seperate graphics card. I recommend to try out clover, I could only get into safemode before I used it(as far as I remember, tested around a lot...)
  2. AMD APU Acceleration

    I managed to run Mavericks with Clover on my A10-5800K, it works really stable. Only problem: AMD A10-5800K is an APU, but I couldn't find out how to get the integrated HD 7660D to use Acceleration. In the system specs it says its ID is 0x99011002, and that there is no kext loaded. So i tried adding the ID to AMD7000Controller.kext, and afterwards the same for AMD6000Controller.kext as i heard somewhere that the 7660D is actually a 6xxx(not sure). For both it did not display no kext loaded anymore, so it seems like this worked, but i still have no QE/CI. Did someone solve this, or is there someone working on this where I could help?