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  1. MacPois0n - AIO Extreme Post Installation Utility - Yosemite

    Hi Deepak, You guys are rocking as usual. Could you please help me. I tried installing Mac OS Maverics on my Dell inspiron 5520 with the below mentioned specs 1. Windows 8.1 2. Intel i5 3. 8gb Ram 4. 1Tb HDD Please help me install on my Laptop where I tried many times. At first it has installed but after reboot it is showing white screen and not going further. Second time I could not erase the partition itself where it is saying "Couldn't erase the map partition" something like that where I couldn't go beyond that. I am tryng this with Niresh Distro 10.9 for Intel and AMD with GraphicsEnabler=Yes Plz plz help me. I love to install Mac Os. Seriously u guys r awesome. Thanks, Chiranjeevi.
  2. Niresh Mavericks On Dell Inspiron 5520

    Hi I have the same Dell Inspiron 5520 but with different specs Intel i5 8Gb Ram 1Tb HDD I tried installing Hacintosh 10.9.0 as given in Niresh Video. I could Install the OS but after restart when installation is done for setup it is just showing the loading and Apple logo. I have waited for an hour but it is not going further. So kindly help me ASAP where I don't have any OS right now in my Lappy. Thanks, Chiranjeevi.
  3. Recover Partition and Its Data

    No use. I tried many along with these please help me get my data back.
  4. Recover Partition and Its Data

    Thanks, Will try and let you know. Let me now if there are any better alternatives. I tried with s/w called Data Recovery where it found all the files but while recovering files I found that the files are corrupted. So I tried with another one it is not showing all the files but is providing correct data with out any corruption.
  5. Recover Partition and Its Data

    Hi Niresh, Please help me get my Partition and Data recovered. I have created an unallocated space using Disk Management before Installing Mac OS 10.9. And while performing Erase in Disk Utility unfortunately I have selected my windows drive and has formatted it. Doing so suddenly I turned of my system and checked my partition in windows in which I use to save all the Data, the partition was lost as well as Data. So kindly help me get my Data back. Please help me ASAP. Thanks, Chiranjeevi.