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  1. [Guide] Installing Niresh Distro In A Pc

    I followed this guide and successfully installed Hackintosh. But after installation following things did not worked : 1. Audio 2. Ethernet 3. Wifi I tried using Multibeast to install drivers for these but after installation when I rebooted the system, OSX crashed and now not booting. I used Multibeast 6.4.0 For your reference, system specs are : Asus Z97 Deluxe 32 Gb Corsair Vngenance RAM 500 Gb Seagate HDD NVidia GTX 650Ti Boost Graphics
  2. All in one Network Solution (Wireless & Ethernet)

    Hello This is not working on Asus Z97 Deluxe which has onboard Intel 1218 and 1211V Ethernet and Wifi If I try to install drivers from Multibeast then after restart OSX crashes and never bootsup not even in safe mode.
  3. Sloeber There is no problem with Booting now but after booting : Network is not working Audio is not working DVD automatically ejects during boot.
  4. Infected, I did downloaded MacPoison from the link given and then ran it on the OSX. Installation went thru but after that I could not find trace of the application to launch and it also didn't modified anything. Network (both Ethernet and Wifi) and Audio is not working even after updating to v. 10.9.4.
  5. Using GraphicsEnable=No worked and I'm successful in loading OSX. I tried your suggestion and now I'm able to Boot successfully but after booting following issues encountered : 1. Audio is not working. My Motherboard is using ALC1150 Realtek Chipset fo Audio 2. Networking is not working and I'm not able to connect to Internet or other computers. 3. Also while booting, DVD Drive automatically ejects and can't put the tray back until booting completes. Motherboard has Intel 1217 and 1218 Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports.
  6. Please Help!: Ethernet Won't Work

    I'm also having same Network problem. My Motherboar has Intel 1211 and 1217 Gigabit Ethernet. Even the Wifi is not working.
  7. Hi I recently installed Niresh's Hackintosh on my system. This was installed on separate HDD but after installation, it started booting but after Apple logi appeared, the next screen was blank Whitish Grey and system did not moved further. My System config is : Asus Z97 Deluxe Mother Board Intel Haswell i4790 Processor 32 GB RAM - Corsair Vengenance 2133 MHz NVidia GT650Ti Boost graphics Dell 2410 Monitor Audio : Realtek ALC1150 Ethernet : Intel 1218 and Intel 1211AT Wifi : 802.11 b/g/n/ac 2.4 and 5 GHz. Also after installation, when OSX starts booting, my DVD drive automatically eject but after trying several times I'm not able to insert the tray again until and unless I reset the system and boot into Windows. Please help immediately so that I can enjoy new system and make full use of it.