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  1. Niresh 10.9 on virtualbox on windows 7 x64

    I have used the .iso version I've insert into cd drive and delete the floppy disk from boot sequence of virtualbox. So the boot run until the error. Thansk a lot Michele
  2. Hello to all, I'm a newbie of Mac and Hackintosh, and I'm trying to installa Niresh 10.9 on a virtualbox on Windows 7. If I start the boot without flags, it freeze on apple logo screen (the rounding gif never stop). If I start the boot with -x -s, I got the error in atteched picture. It seems an error on bluethooth? How can I disable it? I also attach a zip file with my real PC hardware configuration, so you can see it. What I need to install Niresh 10.9 on a virtualbox? Thank a lot. Michele Report.zip