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  1. Further tweaking after install

    First of all thanks to Niresh for making it so much easier to install hackintosh! I don't know if this is the correct section to post this, but here goes: After several hours of tweaking, my system seems stable and the bootloader works how I want it. (auto-boots to Windows 8 after 5 sec). This is what my bootloader looks like right now: The middle option boots me into Windows 8 and the one to the left brings me to OSX. So here comes the questions: 1. Why does the Windows drive show as Windows Vista and how I can I fix that? 2. How can I remove the first option? That doesn't boot me into W8, but I just get a blinking "-" on the top left of my screen. 3. How do I change the theme? I looked around a little and saw some themes that were much nicer than this one, but I haven't figured out how to change it. I've been using the Clover Configurator app to change my settings. Thanks in advance!